About us

We are a registered and licensed Crypto Wallet and Crypto Exchange Provider, providing a variety of services in these areas. With a team of over 40 employees worldwide, we are working to improve and expand our services every single day. Our key to success is direct collaboration with experts from our team. We have learned that not only problems can be solved more easily through this strategy, many issues do not even occur. With the wallet solution we designed, we will make it easier for many people to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.


Our vision is to provide our customers with a wallet service that convinces with its ease of use. Usability is a top priority for us. No matter if a user already has experience or if he gets to know the first insights with our Walletservice. Under the motto “Keep it simple and smart” we have started to enable the safe handling of cryptocurrencies to everyone and to create a wallet which is self explaining. Teroxx Crypto Smart Finance.


It is very important for us to keep an eye on regulatory progresses in this sector. With Teroxx International, we already own 4 different trading licenses worldwide. Our goal is to gradually expand and adapt to legal guidelines. With this we also want to give all our customers a sense of security and transparency.